MAJCO Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the installation of Elevators, Escalators, HVAC, Fire Fighting. Gensets, R.O. Plants, Solar Solutions, Grids & Transmission Lines and Turbines. We are the sole agents of VOLKSLIFT in Pakistan, which comes from a long lineage of German values and technology.


Supply, Installation and Maintenance of various types of Elevators


Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Escalators


Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Multiple types of HVAC systems. Expertise in all prevailing types of HVAC systems.


Fire-fighting System

Expertise in the installation of Fire-Fighting Systems

Solar Solutions

Supply and Installation of Solar Solutions to overcome shortage of power


Supply and Installation of Gensets of various sizes and types

R.O. Plants

Reverse Osmosis Plants for water filtration at different scales of use

Grids & Transmission Lines

Supply and Setup of Grid systems


Supply and Installation of Water Turbines for Power Generation